Cost Reduction and Process Improvement – Control Room Integration

Cost Reduction and Process Improvement –  Control Room Integration

In a business with Head Office buildings across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, a series of Security Control Rooms had evolved, each operating separately from the other and each with their own procedures and equipment. Added to this there was a mixture of in house and outsourced staff.

Although it was an obvious target for integration, as with anything else cost was only one issue. HR and the effects on staff had to be considered, barriers had to be overcome in the natural loyalty that the wider business staff had to “their” control room, Executive Management had to be convinced of the risk levels involved and the commitment to a significant project spend.

Through extensive project proposal work, successful business case application and dealing with all HR issues, the project of integrating the Control Rooms from several to one, was successfully undertaken, on time and within cost. Added to this the business benefited from having standardised procedures, equipment and a project that paid for itself within two years.