April 21

Merging Cyber and Physical Security

Physical and Cyber security are seen as having the same goal, protecting an organisations assets. It is perhaps because of this that there are calls for the functions to be merged but would that merger bring benefits or would it be to the detriment of the very businesses they are protecting.

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December 18

Tiger Kidnapping – A Constant Threat

December 2004 brought to worldwide public attention the term Tiger Kidnapping following the robbery at Northern Bank, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Although the frequency of Tiger Kidnapping incidents has reduced, it is still a risk that is relevant today where the goal may not only be cash.

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November 26

Bank Branches Are Changing What Are The Security Risks

Driven by a reduction in the number of branches, the need to control costs and the introduction of new technology, bank branches are undergoing a complete transformation. Gone is the strict segmentation between staff and customers, with new open plan branches being bright, inviting and which resemble a retail shop rather than a stale bank. But the very open plan nature of bank branches does lead to security risks, as the controls that once were there are maybe pushed into the background.

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September 24

Is There a Future for Bank Physical Security?

Is There a Future for Bank Physical Security?

If there is one industry that is transforming in the digital age its banking. Gone are the days of employers paying their workforce by cash, contactless cards are used for transactions and online banking is pervasive. Bank branches are being closed, seemingly on a daily basis as technology takes hold, tighter cost control on operations imposed and staff numbers reduced.

Daily the spectre of Cybercrime is in the news; attacks from nation states, organised criminal gangs and teenagers in bedrooms is where the 21st Century threat lies. The ability to sit remotely and untraceably, to steal money with ease, disrupt systems with a keystroke and to damage a banks reputation, without setting foot inside the door is clean, neat and a threat to a banks very existence.

With crime seemingly moving online and studies suggesting that overall crime in the West is falling, it is perhaps little wonder that the number of bank robberies has dropped. The British Bankers Association has reported that the number of bank robberies in the United Kingdom fell from 847 in 1992 to 66 in 2011. A significant fall and with the attention of governments and the industry on cybercrime, what is the role of physical security

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