Head Office Building Reduction

Business Strategy – Head Office Building Reduction

In the drive for process and cost efficiencies there is a natural tendency for businesses to reduce the number of buildings they occupy. This presents a good solution to a reduction in the number of staff a business may have or the increased use of hot desking. However what it does do is to concentrate critical business units into a smaller number of buildings that are dependent on a reduced number of services and provide a focal point for any form of disruption. This can significantly increase the risk to any organisation.

The Issue:

A severe increase in business risk brought about by the merger of a number of Head Office buildings.

The Solution:

Adoption of additional security and BCP measures to reduce the business risk to an acceptable level.

Control Room Integration

Cost Reduction and Process Improvement – Control Room Integration

In a business with Head Office buildings across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, a series of Security Control Rooms had evolved, each operating separately from the other and each with their own procedures and equipment. Added to this there was a mixture of in house and outsourced staff.

The Issue:

Multiple Security Control Rooms in an organisation were adding cost and process inefficiencies.

The Solution:

The Security Control Rooms were merged into one, costs recovered in 2 years and a single process introduced.

Operational Security - Bank Robberies

Case Study – Operational Security – Bank Robberies

In the Retail Financial Sector, bank robberies are always a hazard as cash, even in small sums, is always available to meet customer needs.  In one Bank the incidence of robberies rose from a typical 2-3% of the network being affected per annum to 18%.  The financial loss was only one aspect in the spate robberies, of more immediate concern was the need to protect staff and customers, dealing with subsequent staff sickness, regaining lost business and ultimately ensuring confidence was maintained.

The Issue:

With nearly 20% of a bank’s network being robbed in a single year, a solution was needed to reduce their impact and incidence.

The Solution:

Through detailed threat assessment a solution was introduced that resulted in a 100% drop in robberies.