Security Risk Management

Setting security within a Risk Management regime allows it be compared to all the other risks that a business has to face. It does require a methodical approach and as threats evolve, priorities change and protective measures become obsolete, it needs to be continuously reviewed. It is a cyclical process but one which adds to the value of the business. For more information click here.

Security Surveys

We undertake critical and systematic reviews of security, whether they are at a client’s own premises or at a third party suppliers. The depth of the survey is dependent on the client but typically will set out the threats that the business is under, the vulnerabilities that may exist and the impact that would be felt, if any threat was realised. To ensure that risk based decisions are made the subsequent security report highlights the controls necessary to reduce or mitigate the risk. For more information click here.

Bank and Building Society Security

Banks and Building Societies are faced by security risks that are probably different to all other businesses. The threat of robbery, tiger kidnapping and the dependence on critical IT infrastructure to deliver their products does set them apart. RedLeaf Consultancy, with its depth of knowledge in protecting banks, is well placed to provide advice. For more information click here.

Branch security risks have to be monitored continually to appreciate fluctuations in the threat. Developed by RedLeaf Consultancy, the Branch Security Risk Matrix, is simple to use and brings immediacy to analysis, click here.

Integrated Security System Design

Without effective integration there is a danger that each of the component parts of security will operate in silos. This is beyond a software package that draws in various electronic devices, it is taking all the security measures from perimeter fences to procedural controls and ensuring they work together, with the aim of controlling the identified security risks. For more information click here.

Tiger Kidnapping

While security incidents can cause damage to a business, Tiger Kidnappings affect people and greatly increase their personal risk. At RedLeaf Consultancy, we have gained extensive experience in working in a region where Tiger Kidnapping was prevalent. Through hard won experience in dealing with real life incidents, RedLeaf have an enviable knowledge on the protective measures to be employed, the actions to be taken during an incident and the recovery processes involved. We work with businesses to establish and implement strategies to combat this most serious of security risks. For more information click here.

Security Audits

Unlike surveys, Security Audits are a means by which controls are measured against practices that are taking place. From that perspective Security Audits are binary but without a thorough understanding of security, Audits may fall short of their original intent. Experience is necessary in assessing what to look for and to understand why procedures may not be being adhered to. For more information click here. For more information click here.