What we do

As margins diminish, the regulatory and compliance framework becomes more intrusive and costly, businesses must ensure that they have quantified the myriad of risks that they are under. All businesses carry security risk, it is only the degree of that risk which varies.

However, without an understanding of Security Risk, businesses may be making decisions without appreciating the facts.  Expenditure maybe generated on security systems or on people where it might not be needed and procedures introduced that unnecessarily restrict operations.  At worst Security Risks could be underestimated and leave a business exposed.

At RedLeaf Consultancy we help businesses to appreciate the Security Risk that they are under and through this:

  • Generate clear security strategies supported by risk based policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that structured security reviews and Audits are undertaken that test protective measures.
  • Review security structures, electronic systems and manned guarding to advise on their use, any cost saving initiatives or beneficial change in practice.
  • Provide security education and advice on Social Engineering, Tiger Kidnapping and the Protection of Information.

Security is an integral part of life, it does impact on business and that impact must be measured and reported upon.  RedLeaf Consultancy provides that understanding and workable solutions to ensure that security is recognised for what it is and falls within a business’s Corporate Governance regime.